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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

This week, we shared some of your favorite’s from the past. The advice in these articles are all geared around providing you with the most authentically restful break you could have. Enjoy!

Stephanie focuses on the value of wonder in everyday life in her article, “The Healing Power of Wonder: Why Being Defensive Will Never Make You Happy”. Reflecting on her experience at the movie with her boyfriend (now husband), she concludes that her defensive attitude truly prohibits her from experiencing beauty in its fullest sense. 

During break, everyone comes to hit the point where rest has just hit boredom. In “Beset by Boredom: The Struggle of a Rational Animal”, Benj notices that as man we have a much higher capacity than animals for rationality. Thus, what engages us must be deeper. Instead of remaining bored or turning merely to novelty, Benj offers another solution in his article. Check it out! 

In her article, “The Art of Leisure: Having Real Fun”, Theresa divulges her secret to the most restful and fun spring break she has ever had. The simplicity is astonishing and its capacity for fulfillment even more engaging. 

Did you hit the beach this spring break? Did you notice how everyone is reading real books? Have you ever thought how strange it is how common book reading is at the beach but not in day to day life? Hannah discusses this phenomenon and its relation to leisure in her post, “In Defense of Reading (Actual Books)".

“I AM SO GLAD TO BE ALIVE!” This should be the response to an encounter with true leisure. If you haven’t found yourself shouting this during this spring break, I could recommend Catherine Y.’s article “Laziness or Leisure?”  to make the distinction between laziness and leisure.

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