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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

On Monday, Emma reflected on her time as a religious sister and her coming to realize her own beauty for herself. Delving into the highest capacity's of love, Emma concludes to how this experience of being loved can be pivotal. Check out her post here

Are we our body or our soul? This perennial question is evaluated in its practical implications in Catherine Y.'s post, "The Fight You Can't Win: Discovering Who I Am". To find out where Catherine Y. puts the source of one's identity, read her post. 

To celebrate International Women's Day, we shared one of our posts from the past on Wednesday. Reflecting on the historical importance of Abigail Adams, Kaitlin discusses the necessary role of women in our country's founding in her post, "#TheNew10: Why Abigail Adams Deserves a Spot on the $10 Bill".

Continuing his post from last week, Jonah delves further into the nitty gritty of being engaged and in love. His post, "Being in Love: Reflections of an Engaged Man", shares his secret on relationships and presents a truly beautiful approach to love. 

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