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1:51:00 PMCatherine Yanko

Often times, the modern culture is poked at as being immoral and degernate. It is deemed as nothing that compares to antiquity. But, Hannah in her article, "Stop Complaining About 'Modern Culture'", argues against this precisely. She says that there is no better time to be alive than now. For more on this zeal for the twenty first century check out her post!

This week, Emma discusses the hallowed phenomenon of "senioritis". As the school year dwindles, many of our fellows are certainly feeling this set in. Her post discusses why it is so easy to fall into senioritis and her own solution. Read our her post, "A Prescription for Senioritis" for more details. 

One of our past fellows returned for a review on the movie "Silence". In his post, "Silent themes in 'Silence'", Joe evaluates the tragic ending for the treasure it can really hold. For his super insight, check out his post here. 

The joy of community is one that so often we overlook. The self-sufficient model that we often seek to follow does not account for this kind of joy. In this post, "Sisterly Love", the joy of true community is explored for its true value. 

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