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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

Annie discusses the role of acceptance in suffering which transforms it into a moment of trustful response. To see suffering as a gift is not the typical response to say the least. But, it is a response that can make the suffering this gift. To figure out how Annie argues for gratitude, read her post here

"Be a man!" But, what does it even mean to be a man? Jonah discusses this in his article, "Manliness, Masculinity, and Culture". Not putting this ideal in material, he argues for something much deeper. Check it out!

The infamous "Friend Crush" is the topic of Emma's blog post this week. Maturing this friend crush into something more is the unanswered struggle of many. For Emma's take on this topic and her wise insight her her article here

What does virtue look like? According to Catherine Y. in her post, "The Biggest Lie About the Saints", it is the "messiness of life that abandons one’s self in the present, seeks the other, and is willing to sacrifice." This definition certainly does not fit our idealized version of the saint, but nonetheless Catherine Y. makes an argument for our conception being entirely misconceived. 

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