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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

The new Netflix series, "Th1rteen R3asons Why", has gained popularity and has made its way to our blog as well. This week, Annie discusses the series to reveal the way it emphasizes our personal need for community as well as the inherent value of the person. For more on this, check out her post here

The infamous question, "What is Love?", not only haunts Jonah this week but is also the title of his article. Is it a deep feeling of affection? Or, is it willing to sacrifice for another? What does it have to do with the good? These are the concerns Jonah addresses, so make sure to read his article for his insightful answers.

Many of our bloggers are graduating this semester. One of them, Catherine B., shares her reflection as she edges on graduation. Her article, "Finding Yourself in College: Reflections of a Senior", shares her wisdom from the past four years. 

The role of beauty in our lives is one that is not only over looked but also distorted. So often, we see it just to be a means to an end. If beauty helps us pray better, than it is good. Or, if beauty helps us calm down, then it is good. Or, if beauty is expensive, it is good. Hannah addresses these concerns in her article, "Man Does not Live by Bread Alone: The role of the beautiful in the life of the Christian".

"With a do-it-yourself mentality and distorted understanding of independence, our culture has fostered a mindset that says everything must be done by one’s own labor and under one’s own control." This week's final article, "His Eye is on the Sparrow", reflects on the cheesy albeit true maxim, "God provides". 

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