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12:52:00 PMCatherine Yanko

The feeling that you have when something makes absolutely no sense is one that we often avoid as a fault. This feeling is challenged by Catherine Y. in her article, "Why Wrestle?". Using the work of Charles Milak, Catherine Y. says that questioning is at the heart of the human person.

“All the hardened heart needs is love”. In this article, Catherine O. discusses the healing role of love. Instead of saying that the hardened heart cannot love, she says that they must make the conquest of love to find their heart. For more on this quest of love, check out her article, “Love Cures the Bitter Heart”

Why is it that funny friends are so desirable? This week, Jonah discusses this very question. In evaluating comedy, he concludes to why good humor is in fact virtuous. Read his article, “The Content of the Comical” for all the details.

The pornography industry, whether we like it or not, is one of the largest markets in all of consumerism. Often times, this market does not account for its very subjects: persons. Annie discusses the effects of this industry on the person and sex itself in her latest article that can be found here

The semester is starting to dwindle down, so why does stress seem to increase all the more? In her most recent article, Catherine B. gives her secret to conquering stress. If you want to make it out of stress or learn to live abundantly amidst stress, her article, “One Step Guide to Conquering Stress”, is a must-read. 

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