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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

Spring break has just ended for us writers at Truth from the Heart. Catherine B. reflects on her not so typical college student’s spring break in her post, “Spring Break in Hollywood”. Hitting the streets of Los Angeles on a mission trip left her with some insightful reflection, especially on the person. 

One of our posts from the past was entertained in a dialogue by another blog, Steel Magnificat. Hannah’s post, “3 Things You Didn’t Know About the Human Face” was the springboard of this discussion. If you enjoyed Hannah’s post, this guest post will surely be enjoyable. 

Would college even be college without the phenomenon of the house party? This week, Jeremy reflected on the beloved idea of the house party. Instead of declaring it immoral, he offers a surprising defense of its goodness. His post, “What Are You Doing at House Parties?” is a must read.

I never thought my morning coffee would teach me so much about life itself until I was sitting one morning and realized how much my short seeking pleasure in coffee could be dangerous when applied to other spheres of my life. To figure out how coffee became the springboard for me re-evaluating how I view sex, check out this throwback post, “What My Morning Coffee Taught Me About Sex”

The common response to classical music among my peers is a slow closing of one’s eyelids into a short nap. In response to this response, Emma offers her view of how enriching classical music can truly be. Her post evaluates Sergej Rachmaninov’s Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor to demonstrate this truth from her own experience and reflection.

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