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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

This week Annie started off with discussing the reason why we can look at a collection of colliding tectonic plates (commonly known as mountains) and declare it as beautiful. Her discussion of beauty from the senses to the transcendent explains Hildebrand's view of objectivity view with engaging clarity. 

To what extent do men and women as men and women relate to each other? This is the question Jonah focuses on in his blog post, "Equal But Not the Same: The Two Sexes". Check out his blog post for more insight on how the men and women are naturally inclined to impact each other. 

I think most of us follow at least one person on Instagram who consistently posts a picture of their morning coffee with some witty caption about how they are now caring more for themselves than giving into the stress of life. This phenomenon of "self-care" is what Catherine B. evaluates in her post "Allowing Your Soul to Grow Wing: Self-Care 101". Is this kind of leisure really energizing and caring for one's self or is it claimed as self-care for something more like self-obsession or laziness? 

Jeremy caters to all you book lovers in his post this week, "The Problem With Allegory: Why I Prefer Fantasy".  By evaluating the relation of literature to human consciousness and moral understanding, he comes to a striking conclusion. Check out his post for more on the real goal of true literature and its correspondence with reality. 

One of the greatest things we take for granted is certainly the beautiful. How often it goes unnoticed. In her blog post, Hannah discusses her experience in Europe and how the very atmosphere of the beautiful can be transformative. For more on recognizing beauty as a gift, check out her post, "What America Could Learn from Europe: The Culture of Beauty in the Formation of Personality".

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