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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

"The simple truth is that the circumstances of my birth have instilled in me a gratefulness and a zeal for life.  There’s a whole world out there that I so easily could have missed out on entirely — and I just want to touch all of it." This week started on a personal note with Hannah's post on her experience with the pro-life movement. Her own life serves to witness the value of life. Check out her post here.

Emma reflects on the movie Hitch in her post, "You Complete Me". Between this movie and the phenomenon of Galentine's Day, she presents an understanding the value of man and woman united as one that completes each other. This unity is entirely irreplaceable. 

Deadlines. Deadlines. Deadlines. Wednesday's post focuses on how to balance the need to remain present and act responsibly in regards to the future. "5 Steps to Practicing Presence" offers 5 quick steps to making living in the present moment a habit and no longer a cliche desire. 

Our final post of the week was from a past student fellow. Evelyn writes about the finiteness of human love and the struggle it is to accept that our love cannot fulfill our desire to love in an infinite way. Check out her post, "Love is Not Enough"!

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