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7:11:00 PMCatherine Yanko

Are you tired of today's political culture? In Annie's post, "Moral Imagination: The Cure for Foolish Millennials, Crude Celebrities, and Corrupt Politicians", the foundation for a new culture is offered. Check out her article for more on this one idea that could change art, politics, and daily life for the better. 

The reality of each person being an individual that possesses infinite value is one that is often neglected. In Jonah's post, "The Eternal Perspective: No Mere Mortals", he discusses this idea of the eternal in man and suggests practical ways to work towards reverencing reality in daily life. 

If one was to sit in the back of a college classroom, one could only guess how many people are on Pinterest. It is this phenomenon and its connection to an intrinsic desire for beauty that Catherine B. examines in her article, "Why We're Addicted to Pinterest in the Classroom"

On Thursday, we featured a guest piece from a writer at "Integrity: Truth, Goodness, and Beauty". The explosive nature of beauty almost seems dangerous. It is this danger that is examined by Theresa in her piece, "On Beauty Being Dangerous"

Jeremy takes the theme of the opposite of beauty on, that is triviality, in his post, "The 'Clickbait' Culture, Why Triviality is Your Greatest Enemy". The spoon fed instant gratification our culture offers is one that Jeremy deems should be rejected for the sake of true beauty. 

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