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6:00:00 AMCatherine Yanko

This week we featured a past article from one of our former student fellows who wrote about the correlation between beauty and love. Chase reflects on the way beauty allows for profound new openness to love in his article "Beauty Kindles Love"

Are you still thinking about the Women's March on Washington? This week Catherine B. addressed the topic in her blog post by reflecting on the role of beauty in the event and in the portrayal of the female body. For her take, read her article here

Jeremy admits to his guilty pleasure of pumpkin spice lattes in his "Defense of 'Basic' White Girls: Dietrich von Hildebrand and Pumpkin Spice Lattes". In his confession, he analyzes how his inclination to pumpkin spice lattes has allowed him to realize that the most valuable part of man is his personality. The value of the development of personality is certainly one worth pursuing.

From the comfort of someone's face that you love to the ability faces have to demonstrate one's emotions, it can certainly be said that the human face possesses a beauty of its own. Hannah reflects on what Dietrich von Hildebrand would have to say about this topic in her article, "3 Things You Didn't Know About the Human Face"

"You're beautiful." The awkwardness that often ensues after such a lofty compliment is what Emma reflects on in her post, "I'm Tired of Searching for My Beauty From the Outside...". In her reflection, Emma discusses how one can take the compliment to be about one's self and not merely one's body or for pity. 

We featured another "throwback" post from a former student fellow, Cristina Ramos. "Thick Skin, Elastic Heart" reflects on Sia's song "Elastic Heart". From the power of vulnerability and the value of staying "soft" to values, Cristina concludes to the importance of reflecting on one's own personal beauty. 

The seeking of happiness is a prominent factor in our everyday lifestyle choices. From our breakfast options to important life decisions, it is always a factor. Catherine Y. reflects on Dietrich von Hildebrand's cure-all for this epidemic of unhappiness in her article, "Happiness 101"

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