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9:43:00 AMCatherine Yanko

This week started off with Emma's post reflecting on the passing of her dear friend and ponders the mystery of her own death. Living in the hope of a love stronger than death and of being united one day, she does not avoid death but ponders.

The unavoidable pain of losing a loved one has stupefied many for centuries. Does God hate me? How can this be good in the slightest? Examining the nature of sorrow, Jeremy reflects on the life of his grandmother in his newest post.

"Day after day, week after week, century after century, violence remains. After centuries of beautiful art being made and honored, the question remains: Can we leave the saving of the world up to beauty?" Catherine Y. comes to answer this question through reflection on a classical music concert in her latest post, "Can Beauty Be Our Superman?".

In a fast paced world obsessed with efficiency, is beauty worth the cost? Jonah discusses the fundamental openness all of humanity has to the transformative power of beauty in his latest article, "Abandoning Mediocrity: Opening Our Hearts to the World of Beauty".


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