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8:04:00 PMAnne Foster

Over Thanksgiving break Truth from the Heart had quite a successful week of popular posts which you don’t want to miss!

Annie Foster started of the week with an intriguing insight into the value of tears and it’s connection to her father’s budding sensitivity, in her post, Father’s Who Cry: Holy Tears.

Next up, was a piece written by the talented Catherine Beigel. It came as no surprise that her post, Myer’s Briggs: The Formula for the Perfect Relationship,  was extremely popular. In this post, Dietrich von Hildebrand challenges Catherine’s obsession with the Myer Briggs theory and claims that the compatibility of lovers can not be reduced to four letters.

An order of Franciscan sisters along with the great Edith Stein helped Clarissa Sutter express to her readers the beauty of “self-forgetting love” found in the religious life, in her post, Virginity: A Unique Call to Love.

Last but surely not least, Netflix’s “The Crown” and the Struggle between Man and Woman written by Hannah Bruckner, urged us not to accept the age old feud between the sexes and instead suggested that unity is a greater goal than equality.


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