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Ease and simplicity. The two thing everyone wishes for on Monday morning. Monday’s article, “What My Morning Coffee Taught Me About Sex”, discusses why in fact some acts simply cannot be so easy.

“You make me come alive”. This may be a sentimental term or one that you recognize from My Big Fat Greek Wedding. This week, Emma delves into this phrase in the context of family life. What does it mean for love to truly make one come alive? To read Emma’s answer read her artile, “A Renewed Look On Raising A Family”.

In a world where piglike and lazy are synonymous with being a man, Jonah discusses what he believes it truly means to be a man. This first article of his newest series isn’t one you want to miss.

From fantasy to real life, Jeremy travels through the hobbit to reveal what is most valuable in life. For more on what makes a man truly great, read Jeremy’s latest article here.


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