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2:53:00 PMJeremy Schupbach

Here is a brief glimpse into the captivating thoughts provided this past week from the writers of Truth from the Heart:

Society’s nonchalance, bordering on subtle approval, towards anger, is critiqued by Catherine Yanko in My Problem With Angry Politicians, in which she traces the development of this motif to the philosophy of antiquity and its devaluation of femininity.

In To the Friend Who Has Given Up On Love, Emma Lindle, armed with the works of Karol Wojtyla, shows how a utilitarian approach to love is ultimately a form of despair, and that true love involves sacrifice, and is selfless.

Jonah Soucy, in his first ever post for Truth from the Heart, How Beauty Saved the World, truly speaks from his own heart on how beauty is what makes life worth living.

Also in her first ever post for Truth from the Heart, Faith Mosher shares how trying to subdue her own affectivity made her feel like her life was unfulfilled, and, as she puts it, “robotic.” The solution she presents can be found in her post here: Robots Among us: The Key to Unlocking Your Heart

And in The Value of Sexuality… ... Revealed Through Rape? pt. 2, Jeremy Schupbach (yours truly) continues his series of posts which seek to show that the horror of rape gives testimony to the tremendous value of human sexuality.

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