Weekly Update

8:25:00 PMJeremy Schupbach

Weekly Update

Another week’s worth of blog posts have been aired on Truth From the Heart, as always our authors are offering new and genuine insights into the human experience. Check out the morsels of wisdom that have been offered this week!

Using the compelling example of a 90 year old nun, Annie Foster begins a new series of blog posts which examine the seeming paradox of how women’s physical weakness is in fact a source of great strength in Paradox of the “Weaker Sex,” pt. 1, Story of a Polish Nun.

Catherine Beigel, in Freedom Through Obedience, reminds her readers that to truly be free is not to arbitrarily determine the course of one’s life, but to surrender to the truth.

Clarissa Sutter, in Small Talk, speaks eloquently on how a recent experience travelling through New York reminded her of the importance of even the most insignificant human interactions.

And continuing her quest to understand femininity, Hannah Bruckner seeks to find the common ground between man and woman that makes both “human,” in Man and Woman He Created Them.

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