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With the school year in progress, another class of graduates is preparing for entrance into adulthood. From transitioning from very intentional communities formed in college to a modern world that lives in isolation, “A Lesson for Graduates from the Little Prince” elaborates on how this year’s graduates can change this culture. (If you are a fan of The Little Prince, this blog post is definitely for you!)

A medieval Franciscan saint and a modern phenomenologist walk into a bar… well not really. In this blog post, Hannah discusses the surprisingly great similarities between Bonaventure and Dietrich von Hildebrand.

In her blog post, “Serving with the Gift of Self”, Emma seeks to find balance between asking someone for a favor and reducing them to a mere object through use. Developing Karol Wojtyla’s vision in Love and Responsibility, she finds the solution in friendship.

Returning to the beginning of time, Annie evaluates the role of women in society and Church in her latest post. Analyzing Alice von Hildebrand’s work, she seeks to answer to the conception of woman as weaker sex. Read the article here.

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