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12:36:00 AMAnne Foster

On Hannah Bruckner’s bedside table lies the Summa, Hildebrand’s Ethics, and perhaps some Kant. And she’s not ashamed of it. In her most recent post, The Danger of Labels – Learning to be a Student of Truth, and Nothing Less, Hannah Bruckner explains why we shouldn’t be prejudiced towards particular schools of thought and limit ourselves to only one, but be receptive to truth wherever it is found.

Annie Foster puts a patriotic spin on things with her newest post, Redeeming the American Dream. She encourages her readers to not abandon the dream their ancestors fought for, claiming, “No matter who sleeps in the White House, the voices of the dead can still be heard. They shout from their grave for a rebirth of the nation for which they stood, a nation under God.”

“How many times do you deny yourselves the enjoyment of something because you do not want to be regarded as just enjoying it because you’re a woman? Do you ever choose to not do something you would enjoy so that others do not scoff at you for being a woman?”
These are the questions posed by Catherine Yanko in our most popular post of the month, "Too Feminine": How I Began to Love Being a Woman. Read on to discover Catherine’s inspiring response!

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