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Have you found yourself more exhausted than usual or on the continual track of laziness? “Laziness or Leisure?” brings Josef Pieper’s perspective on leisure to the forefront to offer a fulfilling alternative to one’s free time.

Reflecting on the recent holiday and the state of our country, Rose traces back the call to reverence in our nation to our nation’s founding. “Civility, Decency, and Reverence: George Washington Meets Dietrich von Hildebrand” offers the reader a great overview of the morals of our first president and the virtues given most honor by Hildebrand.

Through the lense of the new movie “Finding Dory”, Benj discusses whether or not man can truly be selfless. Are we really free to transcend ourselves? Check out Benj’s answer here.

There are two things which awaken in man fear and trembling; death and falling in love.” In Annie’s latest post, Robin Williams’ Introduction to Christian Personalism, she discusses the beauty of the depth of the human person. If you are a Robin William’s fan, I would definitely give this post a read!

Is there anything greater than freedom? On Friday, Hannah answered certainly. For more on this mystery read her article “I am Free- But Wait, There’s More”.

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