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“Could I, a lowly summer employee, really love the hotel guests of Icona Resorts Diamond Beach? Love in the workplace … could it really be?” For more on Benj’s reflection on his summer job at Icona Resort, read his latest article “Personalism in the Workplace”.

Has the exorbitant free time of your summer led you to falling out of love with life? Hannah offers some great insights on how to re-cultivate a love in your heart for life and for oneself. Her latest article can be found, here.

The sight of the Rockies is truly a delight to one’s eyes. Emma argues for an appreciation of sight for it is by sight that we often know beauty in her article, “The Gift of Sight”.

Chivalry: old fashioned and rude or polite and timeless? Read Rose’s take on this common courtesy here.

If you too have ever felt powerless in the intensity of your emotions, I recommend checking out my post titled, “In Defense of Feeling Emotional”. Instead of seeing emotions as all-powerful and consistently fleeting, Hildebrand offers a new sight for emotions built upon reality and the ability to know values.

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