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This week’s articles welcomed in the summer here at "Truth from the Heart".

If you ever wondered if contraception really had a correlation with a capacity for self-giving, I would highly recommend Emma Lindle’s post “Contraception Heals?”. In this post, she speaks of the implications one makes on human dignity when one participates in contracepted intercourse.

On Monday, Hannah Bruckner reminded us readers why summer needs to be continually cultivated as a time of rejuvenation and authentic leisure. If you find yourself sinking into laziness, give Hannah’s post a read here to discover how in this world of values you can reintegrate leisure into your life.

A truly integral vision of the human person is offered by Rose Deemer in her article “‘Your Life through Heaven’s Eyes’: The Eternal Reality of the Human Person”. By offering examples from literature and her own life, this article renews a view of the person that encompasses their past, present, and future.

Indissolubility. Often times this word has a threatening connotation because of its weighty implications, but in “Happily Ever After and the Beauty of Indissolubility” Annie Foster gives the reader her perspective of sacramental marriage in the Catholic Church. In this article, indissolubility is not rejected because of its weight but sought after because it's valuable expression of love.

In a world where some cultures are devastated by illiteracy while others take literacy for granted, I wrote an article on the value of fiction. This article expresses the great capability fiction has in expressing, understanding, and making a gift of the human heart. Check it out here.

I hope your summer is off to as great of a start as these articles!

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