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Monday: Chaos theory predicts, among other things, that dinosaurs will break out of zoos and cause mayhem and general havoc. It also has some things to say about aesthetics. In “Peking, Pulchritude, and Perceiving”, Josh explores the applicability of the “butterfly effect” to the phenomenon of value blindness.

Tuesday: “Be perfect as your heavenly Father is perfect.” Emma ponders this cryptic commandment of Christ’s in “Does My Desire to Be Perfect Have to Be Enslaving?”. Perfection, she opines, is to be found not in the aloneness of self-sufficiency, but rather in the realization of dependency on another: the Father.

Wednesday: Annie shares a delightful short story about three good old country folks in “Cigarettes, Bloody Marys, and Mediocrity”. It’s easy, we are reminded, to sit on our verandas, fanning ourselves and gossiping nastily about our neighbors while remaining content in our own failings.

Thursday: “The Philosopher in Every Child and the Child in Every Philosopher” speaks to wondering and innocent mindset of children, the very same mindset of the philosopher. Rose, in analyzing the attributes shared by the both, asks whether he who calls himself a lover of wisdom seeks after said wisdom rightly.

Friday: Stephanie poses a simple question: “Why Surrender?”. Entrapped in a cycle of action and reaction, man is often caught up in the tidal forces of practical life. Sometimes, he must step back. Sometimes, he must let go. But why? This is a question answerable only by understanding what man is.

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