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Monday: Leibniz is the answer, or so is claimed in “God’s Being Apathetic Is Not the Answer”. Having developed the problem of evil as a counter to the idea of God’s being omnibenevolent, Josh defends the classical conception of the Christian God by arguing God can both love and damn His free creatures.

Tuesday: Emma asks what the foundation is for a value-based friendship in “Dear Friendship, Where Do I Begin With You?”. Reflecting on her own experiences, she concludes that true friendship starts with a disposition of reverence toward the “other”.

Wednesday: Fraternities are often depicted as many things, but perhaps not as a source of genuine community. Annie challenges us to take another look at Greek life (as well as familial and marital life) through the eyes of von Hildebrand in “The Story of a ‘Bro’”.

Thursday: In her “The Gay Lifestyle in Popular Media”, Rose poses the question of why dramatic and televised media alike feature unprominent and often negatively-portrayed gay characters. Concluding that such might be an effort to normalize the gay lifestyle, she presents a second question: what is the proper way to present such a lifestyle in modern media?

Friday: If anything, modern technology has birthed a culture of constant busyness, where even idle moments find themselves pulled into a vortex of doing something. Stephanie recalls her own struggle with busyness in “Be Still: A Crash Course for the Over-scheduled”, as well as the Scriptural meditation that restored her sense of peace.

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