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Monday: How much do we not see that we ought to notice? Recalling a trip to New York, Benj bids us to overcome our ignorance of value in “Blind in the Big Apple”.

Tuesday: “Thinking, Feeling, and Being a Women” invokes Edith Stein’s theory of sex complementarity to dispute the claim that women must be predominantly emotional to truly be themselves. Hannah argues for the acceptance of the head and the heart in any true understanding of the feminine psyche.

Wednesday: Deadpool is an anti-hero, a solitary man, a loner. In “Perks of Being a Loner”, Joe questions why such a character appeals to us so much when we normally shun those who demonstrate un-social behaviors.

Friday: Catherine shares her experience of reverence, Hildebrand’s stepping-stone to the world of values, in “Restored: My Walk with Reverence”. She challenges us to dare quiet ourselves before value, to stand in awe before what surpasses us.

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