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Friday: In “Philosophy: A Lover’s Study”, Catherine beautifully linked the oft-experienced feeling of romantic love with the philosopher’s quest to deepen her appreciation of wisdom’s value. To truly approach wisdom, the philosopher must court it as a lover might.

Monday: Josh asked the penetrating question, “Is God Apathetic or Ignorant?” How can an all-loving God send persons to hell? It seems He can only do so if He does not care for them or if He does not know their ultimate fates.

Tuesday: Friendship is something so common it is often taken for granted. Emma reminds us in “Friendship: I Don’t Know What It Is But I Need It” that the value of a true friend is both something necessary for us and something that cannot be reduced to the merely subjectively-satisfying.

Wednesday: Love is in the air. Or maybe it’s just in our limbic systems. Josh tackles the question “What Is Love?”, inquiring into value theory and emotivism.

Thursday: Rose poignantly connected the personalism of Dietrich von Hildebrand with that of Martin Luther King, Jr. in her “Martin Luther King, Jr.: Pastor, Activist, and Christian Personalist”. Drawing from King’s sermons, she compares his pillars of nonviolence, forgiveness, and charity to Hildebrand’s own value-based ethics.

Friday: Stephanie opened our eyes to “The Healing Power of Wonder”, encouraging us to not fear opening our hearts to the values surrounding us. Figuratively comparing herself to Mary Lennox, the protagonist of The Secret Garden, Stephanie speaks of looking outward from one’s self and exchanging defensiveness for awe.

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