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Philosophy on Tap Reflection

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On Thursday evening, the Dietrich von Hildebrand Legacy Project sponsored Philosophy on Tap. This event was made up of discussions about von Hildebrand's understanding of the “Valid Moment” and "Recollection and Contemplation." Discussion then followed the talks.

Several key points really stood out to me concerning Recollection and Contemplation. This concept is found in von Hildebrand’s work Transformation in Christ. With contemplation, we can consider all things in their proper order where their full importance can be realized. In fact, we can’t fully live  rooted in depth if we are not recollected. It is nearly impossible to come to such depth without God for the existence of God orders everything else.

In a practical sense, we should not treat silence as a lack of stimulation but as openness to receptivity. 
Some practical tips for recollecting ourselves are:
*Making time for silence
*Being fully present to the situation or the person with whom you are speaking
*Considering people’s lives and their true value
*Getting a full amount of rest…yes, as in sleep!

I have noticed a great paradox when it comes to multi-tasking. Our mentality is always “I can get more done.” When in reality, we’re dividing our attention and actually being less productive! After hearing von Hildebrand’s beautiful interpretation of our need to contemplate and recollect ourselves, I have made it a challenge to be attentive to the value of each person or thing around me. It can start in simple ways but can have a huge impact. Next time I take a walk, rather than being on my phone, I can appreciate the nature surrounding me, listen to the birds, thank God for the sunset, and recollect myself.
If we want truth to capture us, we need to cultivate recollection.

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